The pollen is a microscopic structure to which the advanced plants entrust the transport of the cells germinate them male. It appears like a material powered, various painted according to the flower. The bee passing of flower in flower, charge of pollen contained in anthers of the flowers. The pollen comes collected thanks to tools details of which the bees labourers are equipped. Thanks to the down that it covers to them and brushes of rigid hairs that they have on legs, the labourers are in a position to recovering the pollen powder that it has covered to them .
They accumulate and transport it in a longs bristles situated in posterior legs. The majority of the collected pollen comes consumed from the young worker bees. They produce food for the Queen bee from protein of pollen.
The pollen-keeper collects the pollen. When the bee returns to home passing through of the little holes loses pollen that falls in a below box.
These very small little ball of pollen are dried , selected and packed.
The pollen contains sugars, lipids, vitamins, proteins (twenty-one amino acids), minerals (potassium, iron, magnesium, soccer, silicon) and pigments. Used like strengthening, stimulating, improving the general state of the organism. It can be assumed alone or melted in water at room temperature.
Not recommended for allergic persons. Must be conserved in refrigerator.
(source UNA API)