Pappa Reale  

The PAPPA REALE is a gelatinous substance, yellow, taste acidulous-aromatic and of elevated nourishing value.
It is produced from the “ ipofaringee & mandibolari” glands of the bees. The PAPPA REALE is the food the Queen bee and all the little bees until the third day of life. After this food is only for the individual that will become Queen bee, as it allows the development of the reproductive apparatus.
It is not known, today, the secret in its composition, but sure it contains:
Fat acids; some approximately 31 (saturates and unsaturated).
The 10-HDA it is perhaps the more important.
An unsaturated fat acid (idrossi-D2-decenoico Acid trans-10) that it only exists in the PAPPA REALE.
Sugars: glucose + fructose from 33% to 43%, saccharin from 0% to 6%, maltose from 0.4% to 1.4%
Oligo elements: they have been characterized to its inside 5 mineral elements: soccer, potassium, sodium, magnesium, zinc.
It contains nearly all moreover the known vitamins, Enzymes and factors. Its PH is between 3,5-4,5.
The PAPPA REALE food upgrades the defence of the organism improving the state of general well-being. It must be assumed in small doses, two times the day with continuity. (COPAIT reference)
We Sell it in jar from 10g, 500 g and 1000 g.